New Tips for Choosing a Smartphone Smartphone for Gaming 2020

Smartphones can not only be used as a communication tool, but with all the features it has, playing games on smartphones has become a favorite of many people. But not all smartphones can be used to play games, especially heavy games such as RPG games that require high specifications from the smartphone itself, tips or ways to choose the best hp gaming smartphone also varies.
Well, for those of you who like to play games and want to buy a new smartphone for gaming, consider first 6 Tips for Choosing a Smartphone Smartphone for Gaming huh!

Pay attention to Chipset or Processor Selection

Chipset Or Processor?
Chipset or System on Chip is an important component when choosing the best gaming smartphone . This is because the chipset is the brain in a smartphone that makes the gaming experience more leverage. In the chipset there are several different components that are in charge of data processing, namely the processor, GPU, modem and so on.
Many people are still confused whether the chipset and processor are the same thing. The answer is no! The processor has a type of single-core, dual-core, quad-core, hexa-core, octa-core and deca-dore. While chipsets such as Qualcomm Snapdragon and MediaTek. For gaming smartphones, it's a good idea to choose a smartphone with a quad-core processor or higher version to get a comfortable and smooth gaming experience.

Choose the Best Chipset

Tips for Choosing a Gaming Smartphone - Choose the Best Chipset
Before deciding to buy a smartphone that you will specialize in playing games, it's a good idea to see the smartphone's chipset first . This is because the chipset determines whether or not speeding smartphone performance. But usually the newer and higher version of the chipset embedded in a smartphone, the more expensive the price.
If you have a sizable budget to buy a new gaming smartphone, buying a smartphone with Snapdragon 820/821 chipset class can certainly be an option. But if you have a fairly strict budget, you can buy a smartphone with an older generation chipset model, but still speeding if used to play games. For example the Snapdragon 800 series (800, 801, 805, 808, 810, 820, 821 and 835), the Snapdragon 600 series (600, 610, 615, 616, 617, 650 and 650) and the Snapdragon 400 series (400, 410, 412 , 415, 425, 430 and 435).
If you are a true gamer but there is no budget to buy a famous flagship smartphone brand, you can buy a smartphone at least with Snapdragon 810 or Snapdragon 808 chipsets. It can also be used by buying a flagship smartphone last year which is definitely cheaper. Meanwhile, for cheap middle-class gaming smartphone , you can look for a minimum with Snapdragon 615/625 chipset to keep gaming smooth.

Note the Number of Cores in the Processor

Number of Cores in the Processor
The number of cores in a smartphone processor should also be taken into consideration before buying a new smartphone. However, there is no guarantee that high-level cores will also produce god-class performance, but the core has an influence on the speed of the smartphone when operated. It's a good idea to read a lot of smartphone reviews that you want to know how they perform when used to play games.

Note the Amount of RAM and Internal Memory

Amount of RAM and Internal Memory
RAM and internal memory have an important relationship in terms of smartphone storage. RAM becomes a temporary storage container when you play games, while internal memory will store game data permanently. For convenience when playing games, buy a smartphone with a minimum of 2 GB of RAM and for an internal memory of at least 16 GB and ideally 32 GB.

Watch Smartphone Screen Size

Smartphone Screen Size
Because visuals are an important factor when playing games, the size of the smartphone screen also needs to be considered to get the maximum gaming experience. If you have a limited budget, choose a minimal smartphone with an HD screen but the SUPER AMOLED screen is highly recommended because it is capable of displaying high-level images and visuals.

Pay Attention to Battery Capacity

Tips for Choosing a Gaming Smartphone - Battery Capacity
The selection of a smartphone with a large capacity battery should be a consideration when buying a smartphone for gaming. A minimum of 3000 mAH battery is provided and will be much better if it is equipped with a fast charging feature .
That was the 6 Tips for Choosing a Smartphone Smartphone for Gaming because playing games on a smartphone requires a powerful runway of RAM and a relieved internal memory as well as a capable screen and battery resolution. Stay tuned for Games News for the latest games and gadgets news, various national and international game tournaments and tips and tricks for your smartphone.
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