American Express Card Number Format and Security Features 2019

American Express Card Number Format and Security Features 2019 - In this modern era, many things finally change for the ease of human life as a user. One of them is credit card. Switching from payments, debit cards to credit cards must provide a great leap forward for economic and financial progress.

Now, you can buy almost any item via credit card. In fact, this card can not only be used in the area around you, but it can also be used in other areas, even other countries. This time, we will dissect on one of the famous credit cards, American Express. We will analyze more about American express card number format.

Why should we look closely at the number formats of credit cards? As we know, in every progress, there must be a hitch in front of it. Credit cards, with all the convenience, can start in forge by others.

Its existence can be easily duplicated, even forged, forming a new credit card but containing a balance from others. All means have been done, both from the security, as well as from the credit card providers. One is to provide a unique number format that contains the identification data in accordance with the data of the holder of credit card.

Take a Look at American Express Card Security Code Example

American Express Card Number Format and Security Features 2019
American Express Card Number Format and Security Features 2019

American Expresshas a variety of uniqueness, both in the field of company and from the composition of credit cards owned. This can provide a lot of help if you want to make sure that your American Express credit card is genuine or fake.

American Expresscard number format

One means of security of American Express is the composition of digits contained on each credit card.American Express card number length consists of 15-digit, unlike the other credit cards that amount to 16-digit.

Well, American Express card number format is not compiled together,but it is divided into three parts each of which has its own number. The first group contains 4 numbers, followed by group 2 with 6 digits, and the last group with 5 numbers. For other credit cards, it is usually arranged by 4 groups containing each 4 digit number.

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Starting number

The American Express credit card always starts with the number 34 or 37. Unlike Discovery which starts with 6, Visa with 4, and MasterCard with 5. In addition, only American Express card number sequence begins with 2 digit special numbers; other provider only one digit. This way can be trusted to add originality of the credit card itself.

American Express opening date

Another unique thing is the laying of the opening date on the right of expiration date, while the other provider is placed on the left. Opening date is when you open the credit card first, usually marked with the phrase "member since". For expiration date, it is located on behalf of owner, with America format that is month first, new date.

Centurion image

Although not available on all credit cards, Centurion image is very useful to ensure the authenticity of credit cards. The shape corresponds to the credit card provider's logo (for American Express, will look "AMEX"), and can only be viewed under UV light. After accepting your credit card, make sure first whether there is centurion image or not. If no, you can ask the reason for the available officer.

Card Identification Number (CID)

Just like any other provider, American Express must provide a card identification number on the credit card. American Express card identification number consists of 4 digits and they are located above the credit card number, unlike other providers which only contain 3 digit numbers and located on the back of card. This number is also often called as American express card security code example.

Signature field

Another unique thing is the part of the signature field. Especially for American express, the signature field also printed credit card numbers, just above the signature. Printed numbers must be full and the same as on the front, unlike other providers who only print the last 4 digits of the total credit card number.

These are the unique characteristics of American Express credit card. You can easily check whether your card has the various criteria already mentioned before. In addition, you can also use these criteria to check the authenticity of a credit card, especially for American Expresscredit card holders.

How to Hinder Fraud Using American Express Card Number Generator Online

If you are still in doubt although already know the criteria of credit card American express above, there is one more way that can be used to prevent your credit card counterfeited by others. The trick is to use American Express card number generator online.

There are many online generators on the internet. You are free to choose which one is the easiest for you to use. Choose one of the most trusted providers of online card number generator sites. There are a variety of generators, ranging from card number, phone number, even addresses. This time, we will learn to make a credit card number using by online.

American Express Card Number Format and Security Features 2019

how to enter american express credit card number online

1. Go to website and select AMEX credit card.
2. Then, you will be redirected to a new web page containing the card number generator.
3. Select the credit card criteria you want you created. There are green or gold American Express credit cards, generated credit card numbers, expiration dates, and CVV.
4. Then, click the "generate" button.
5. Voila! The card number you successfully generated.

As a note, American Express card number format produced by website can be guaranteed its authenticity and will easily pass a series of check system, but the numbers do not have any value. Therefore, it will not be used to pay for goods. The numbers can be used when suspicious sites want to ask for your credit card number. Or, it can also be used to check the flow of credit card information from the online shop.

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Credit card provider is currently competing to make the most flawless security system. However, there is no harm if we can confirm the authenticity of credit card we have throughAmerican Expresscard number format previously mentioned.

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  1. -----------------------------------------------------------------
    Valid AMEX Credit Card Number
    # Cardholder : Brenda Laurito
    # Cardnumber : 376687464702034
    # Expiration : 06 / 21
    # CVV/CVV2 : 6283
    # FullName : Brenda Laurito
    # Address :, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    # Zip/Post : 1676
    # Country : Other
    # Phone : 01147539358
    # SSN : -
    # DOB : 09/10/1977
    # Qatar ID (QA) : -
    # ID Number (GR/HK) : -
    # Citizen ID (TH) : -
    # National ID (SA) : -
    # Sort Code (UK/IE) : -
    # Passport Number (CY) :
    # Civil ID Number (KW) : -
    # Bank Access Number (NZ) : -
    # Account Number (UK/IE/IN) : -
    # Credit limit (IE/TH/IN/NZ/AU) : -
    # NABID/OSID (AU) :
    # Security Question : mothers maiden name
    # Security Answer : Margarita
    # IP Addrs :
    # Hostname :
    # Location : San Fernando, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  2. #--------------------------------[ LOGIN DETAILS ]-------------------------------#
    Email :
    Password : masa1229
    Status : DIE - OTP (TWO AUTH LOGIN)
    #--------------------------------[ CARD DETAILS ]-------------------------------#
    Type : AMEX - CREDIT
    Cardholders : 山内雅博
    CC Number : 3777 811334 69205
    Expired : 05 / 19
    CVV : 6279
    Copy : 3777 811334 69205|05 / 19|6279
    #-------------------------[ PERSONAL INFORMATION ]--------------------------------#
    First Name : 雅博
    Last Name : 山内
    Address : 岡山県岡山市
    City : 北区津島西坂一丁目1-29キャッスル津島
    State :
    Country : Japan
    Zip : 7000086
    BirthDay : 29/12/1995
    Phone : 08027909820
    #----------------------------[ VBV INFO ]-----------------------------#
    Mother Maiden name :
    AMEX Last 3 Digit :
    Secure code : 1116
    #--------------------------[ JAPAN INFO ]-----------------------------#
    WEB ID :
    Card Password : 1116
    #---------------------------[ US INFO ]-------------------------------#
    Social Security Number :
    #--------------------------[ OTHER INFO ]-----------------------------#
    ID Number :
    Civil ID :
    Qatar ID :
    National ID :
    Citizen ID :
    NAB ID :
    BSB Number :
    Passport Number :
    Bank Access Number :
    Social Insurance Number :
    Account Number :
    Sort Code :
    OSID Number :
    Credit Limit :
    #--------------------------[ PC INFO ]-----------------------------#
    IP Address :
    OS/Browser : iPhone / Handheld Browser / Japan



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